Hong Kong part 3

Been a week now and the money spending hasn’t stopped yet XD. The day started as usual and I went to Mongkok in the afternoon. Before I went to the normal place I go for otaku shopping, I wanted to look arround (because I had found some more locations). My wallet hoped I didn’t XD. Damn there are so much stuff I want.

I finally found Kiva Henshin Belt and SIC Kamen Rider Blade YAY. They are worth every penny. Then I went to have some lunch and the Takoyaki was right on the spot XD.

Then I went to shop for more stuff (found a Shouhaku Henshin Kamen Rider Kiva Garuru form)and went home for dinner. Which was a normal steak dinner on a hot plate YUMMY. For dessert I went to get some Mango Pancakes, they were so tasty XD.

– Kamen Rider Kiva Henshin Belt
– Souhaku Henshin Kamen Rider Kiva Garuru Form
– S.I.C. Kamen Rider Blade

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