Hong Kong 2008

Tuesday 20 May 2008

To start using my site more and try to improve my English I am starting to blog my trip in Hong Kong. But unfortunately, I don’t have internet (yet), so i started blogging on notepad.
What I am trying blog about my trip is to keep track of the stuff i am eating and what for cool otaku stuff I have seen.
So today I have arrived in Hong Kong, the weather is rainy but bare-able. Like always the day started with some Dimsum with my grandparents. Because I just have arrived, I don’t want to do so much and spend some time resting and watch some TV to see which anime are showing. I saw Fairy Musketeer Akazukin and Zoids Genesis, which made me want to look for an Val pluche and Mugen Liger. XD.
My day ended with a normal roasted meat with rice meal and a sesame milkshake with herb grass, which I tried because I am so addicted to sesame flavor ice cream.

Wednesday 21 May 2008

To day started normal, just a bit of jetlag making me wide awake at 4 o’clock in the morning. The day started with a normal Chinese breakfast: Rice congee with some fried noodles. I spend the rest of the day at the village to see how the new house is being build and ate a corn for lunch.
The dinner was a plain Chinese meal, nothing special about it.

Thursday 22 May 2008

The final day that my father is here, also the almost begining of my freedom. This day started normal and I am started browsing to look for the stuff I wanted. The meals: dimsum and as dinner a normal dinner.

Friday 23 May 2008

This day started with dimsum with my grandparents. I am going to Mongkok to look for the stuff I wanted and find where it is cheapest.
After walking through an entire mall for computerstuff, I couldn’t find the Cowon D2 a mp3-player I wanted. Losing all hope I went looking for anime stuff, here I find revoltech Mazinkaiser and Gurren-Lagann. And see all kind of stuff my wallet didn’t like. XD
At lunchtime I went to my favorite snackstore to have some takoyaki, boy did I missed them.
On my way home, I saw a electronic store and went looking. To my suprise I found the D2 YAY, and found out that it a rare item.
For dinner I had some omelet rice, kimchi and some fried rice noodles (it is the store “special” Japanese/Korean meal), it tasted not so special.

– Cowon D2
– Revoltech Mazinkaiser
– Revoltech Gurren-Lagann

Saturday 24 May 2008

Being the good grandchild I am, I went with my grandparents to: Dimsum. You probably can guess it, all my days are gonna start with this.
I planned to go to Wan Chai to look for more toys, but I need to make a detour in Mongkok because the SD card they gave with the D2 didn’t work so I need to go back to the store. But first Wan Chai, here I found that they started selling the new Transformers animated toys. Damn my wallet is gonna hate me, but I resisted the temptation and “only” got Classics Prime and Megatron (the Japanese version). Those I wanted ever since I saw them.
Back in Mongkok I went to change the SD card and see if there are more toys I wanted. I saw the toy I wanted to found for this trip to Hong Kong: the Genesic Gaogaigar. Not thinking a bit I went and bought it with a Souchaku Henshin Kamen Rider Kiva. Not wanting to spend more money I went back Yuen Long.
Back in Yuen Long I went walking arround because I wasn’t hungry yet and found the Magiranger Magiphone Yay.
Dinner was some curry rice which was good, hot and spicy I like XD.

– Genesic Gaogaigar
– Henkei Change Convoy
– Henkei Change Megatron
– Magiranger Magiphone
– Souchaku Henshin Kamen Rider Kiva

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